QuickCursor does not work. Any hints?

Update: QuickCursor and Mountain Lion

Unfortunately, due to changes Apple has made in Mac OS X 10.8 for sandboxed apps, QuickCursor no longer works as expected with iA Writer. As all apps in the App Store are required to be sandboxed, there is currently nothing more we can do to improve things. This issue affects all sandboxed apps, so Hog Bay Software has suspended sales of QuickCursor. For more information please refer to their FAQ: 7. Why was QuickCursor removed from sale in the Mac App Store? We hope this situation will change in the future.

Some people have found launching Writer and opening a new document before using QuickCursor helps. A partial alternative is to use this Automator action, which adds an “Edit Selection in Writer” command to the right-click Services menu:


To install:

  1. Open the zip file
  2. Double-click on “Edit Selection in Writer.workflow”
  3. Click “Install” to add to your services menu

To use:

  1. Select the (editable) text you wish to edit
  2. Right-click and select Services > Edit Selection in Writer

Using QuickCursor allows you to edit text from another source quickly in Writer before returning it to the original location, so you can write your email or comment on a web form in Writer. Make sure you’ve updated QuickCursor to the latest version, then go to QuickCursor’s menu bar icon and select Preferences. Add this “Custom Bundle ID”:


Make sure to add a keyboard shortcut!


Writer doesn’t have full ODB Editor support at present.